Patient Population

For years there has been considerable migration of patients with respiratory disorders to Tucson and other cities in Arizona. This has produced a sizable pediatric patient population with a variety of pulmonary illnesses. Therefore, pediatric patients for care, research and teaching purposes are readily available. In addition, over 50% of our CF population is over 20 years of age, thus offering learning opportunities into the complex social and medical problems presented by advancing cystic fibrosis.

The Pediatric Pulmonary Division has clinic five days per week in which patients with a variety of respiratory illnesses are seen. In addition to CF, the various disorders seen include asthma and severe asthma, bronchiolitis, idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis, bronchiectasis, congenital lung and airway anomalies, coccidioidomycosis, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, apnea and sleep disorders. In addition to these clinics, Outreach Clinics are held up to three times annually in Fort Defiance, Chinle, Tuba City, and White River.

Inpatient pulmonary service patients and consultations are seen at Banner University Medical Center – Tucson, and Banner Children’s – Diamond Children’s Medical Center

We perform approximately 100 flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopies per annum on outpatients and have a comprehensive training program in bronchoscopy. The University of Arizona has an active lung transplant program directed by Dr. M. Moulton. The trainees participate in patient assessment, referral and follow-up, working closely with the transplant team.

We regularly follow over 170 CF patients with approximately 500 CF patient clinic visits per year. Trainees take an active role in the management of our CF patients. Complex patients are commonly assigned a ‘primary fellow’ in order to maintain continuity of care. All pediatric CF inpatients are managed or followed closely by the first year trainee. Finally, trainees are encouraged to participate in patient counseling, education, and activities such as Patient and Family Education Nights.

Patient Summary

Pulmonary/Cystic Fibrosis Clinic Visits: 2000/year
Cystic Fibrosis: 50-60 admissions/year
Other Pulmonary: 50-75 admissions/year
Consultations: 12-15/month (150- 170/yr)
Bronchoscopies (fiberoptic): 100/year