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The Steele Children's Research Center has recently added to its arsenal of high-powered genomic technology through the purchase of the latest whole genome sequencer. This instrument is the first of its kind at any of Arizona's universities. Supported by a wraparound team of microbiologists, technicians, and bioinformaticians, the instrument and our team are able to sequence 48 human genomes in 40 hours. The Illumina NovaSeq 6000 is the centerpiece of the new PANDA Core for Genomics and Microbiome Research.

CLIA certification is underway, which will expand the utility of the instrument by offering diagnostic whole genome sequencing to pediatricians in Arizona.

Please contact Daniel Laubitz, PhD, Director of the PANDA Core for Genomics and Microbiome Research for more information: 



Core Services:

The Microbiome Core is listed on iLab Cores at the University of Arizona and all Service Requests can be submitted through this platform. To see all provided services or request a quote for services please visit our iLab page.

Core Contacts:

Name Role Phone Email Location
Daniel Laubitz Core Director 520-626-1401 Steele Children's Research Center
Leisa Grijalva Financial Manager 520-626-6956 Biomedical Research Lab
Pawel Kiela Professor 520-626-5170 Steele Children's Research Center

Core Resources:

Do you need help?... Contact Daniel Laubitz at 520-626-1401 or email

Do you have billing questions?... Contact Leisa Grijalva at 520-626-6956 or email

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