Pawel R. Kiela, DVM, PhD
Associate Director for Basic Science Research
Research Associate Professor, Immunobiology
PANDA Endowed Professor in Autoimmune Disease Research


PO Box 245073 Tucson, AZ 85724
Admin Office: 
(520) 626-9687


Gastroenterology and Nutrition


PhD Education: 
Warsaw University of Life Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine (Warsaw, Poland), 1996



Harrison, C. A., D. Laubitz, M. T. Midura-Kiela, D. R. Jamwal, D. G. Besselsen, F. K. Ghishan, and P. R. Kiela, "Sexual Dimorphism in the Response to Broad-spectrum Antibiotics During T Cell-mediated Colitis.", J Crohns Colitis, vol. 13, issue 1, pp. 115-126, 2019 Jan 01. PMCID: PMC6302957  PMID: 30252029


Harrison, C. A., D. Laubitz, C. L. Ohland, M. T. Midura-Kiela, K. Patil, D. G. Besselsen, D. R. Jamwal, C. Jobin, F. K. Ghishan, and P. R. Kiela, "Microbial dysbiosis associated with impaired intestinal Na/H exchange accelerates and exacerbates colitis in ex-germ free mice.", Mucosal Immunol, vol. 11, issue 5, pp. 1329-1341, 2018 09. PMCID: PMC6162102  PMID: 29875400