Pawel R. Kiela, DVM, PhD
Associate Director for Basic Science Research
Research Professor, Immunobiology
PANDA Endowed Professor in Autoimmune Disease Research


PO Box 245073 Tucson, AZ 85724
Admin Office: 
(520) 626-9687


Gastroenterology and Nutrition


PhD Education: 
Warsaw University of Life Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine (Warsaw, Poland), 1996



Harrison, C. A., D. Laubitz, M. T. Midura-Kiela, D. R. Jamwal, D. G. Besselsen, F. K. Ghishan, and P. R. Kiela, "Sexual Dimorphism in the Response to Broad-spectrum Antibiotics During T Cell-mediated Colitis.", J Crohns Colitis, vol. 13, issue 1, pp. 115-126, 2019 Jan 01. PMCID: PMC6302957  PMID: 30252029


Harrison, C. A., D. Laubitz, C. L. Ohland, M. T. Midura-Kiela, K. Patil, D. G. Besselsen, D. R. Jamwal, C. Jobin, F. K. Ghishan, and P. R. Kiela, "Microbial dysbiosis associated with impaired intestinal Na/H exchange accelerates and exacerbates colitis in ex-germ free mice.", Mucosal Immunol, vol. 11, issue 5, pp. 1329-1341, 2018 09. PMCID: PMC6162102  PMID: 29875400


Typpo, K. V., C. B. Larmonier, J. Deschenes, D. Redford, P. R. Kiela, and F. K. Ghishan, "Clinical characteristics associated with postoperative intestinal epithelial barrier dysfunction in children with congenital heart disease.", Pediatr Crit Care Med, vol. 16, issue 1, pp. 37-44, 2015 Jan. PMCID: PMC4286428  PMID: 25162512