Father's Day Council Tucson

Father's Day Council Tucson was founded in 1994 with a two-fold mission: to support family values by honoring men in the community who have been exemplary fathers, and to raise money for type 1 diabetes research.


Originally led by Steve Rosenberg, Father's Day Council has developed a dedicated following in Tucson.

Every spring, nearly 500 individuals attend the annual Fathers of the Year Awards Ceremony. Proceeds from this event have helped the Steele Center establish a Comprehensive Program in Type 1 Diabetes offering the best clinical care available in Arizona, as well as a state-of-the art research center to develop new treatments for type 1diabetes. In 2008, the Father’s Day Council Tucson Endowed Chair in Type 1 Diabetes was established to ensure the continued impact of their efforts.

Since its inception, Father's Day Council Tucson has raised about $3.7 million to support type 1 diabetes research and programs at the Steele Center.

To learn more about Father's Day Council Tucson, visit their website.