Emergency/Pediatrics Residency Program


The University of Arizona combined Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Residency Program is a fully accredited five-year program that provides board-eligibility in both pediatrics and emergency medicine.


Residents will be trained in all aspects of pediatrics and emergency medicine while emphasizing the care of pediatrics in the emergency setting. The training program is 5 years and accepts three residents per year. The University of Arizona Pediatric/Emergency Medicine program combines the best aspects of two fully accredited residencies into a comprehensive curriculum. Residents who complete this program will be board eligible in both Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine.


This residency program is ideal for candidates who love caring for children while wanting a broad exposure to a wide variety of acute problems found in patients of all ages in emergency medicine. Those who complete the training program will be capable of administering quality care to children via their pediatric training and capable of working in any emergency department from rural to urban via their emergency medicine training. We believe that the combined program will enhance the care of children in the ED, and will be the gold standard of care in pediatric emergency departments across the country.


For more information on this residency training program, contact us, or visit the Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics Residency website