Focus on Diabetes

More than 90 children in southern Arizona are diagnosed with Type1Diabetes. The Steele Children’s Research Center and University of Arizona Department of Pediatrics are home to Tucson’s most comprehensive clinical care and the only research program in Type 1 Diabetes. You can help us improve care for Type 1 Diabetes.  

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Research

This fund provides immediate resources for the most urgent research needs across the pediatric cancer spectrum.



Mia Mason Fund for Immunotherapy Research

Immunotherapy is next-generation treatment where our own bodies’ immune systems are turned up to help fight cancer.



Louise Thomas Endowed Chair for Pediatric Cancer Research

This endowed research fund helps further the work of Dr. Emmanuel Katsanis, leader of pediatric hematology, oncology, and bone marrow transplant. Dr. Katsanis is pioneering a new protocol for bone marrow transplants in children with remarkable results.